Top 5 Easiest Ways To Save Money

When it comes to saving money, it can seem like a daunting, overwhelming task. The more you try to save, the more things seem to come up out of nowhere. By utilizing a few easy tips to save money like the ones below, you can easily build up your emergency fund and savings account before you know it. Check out these top five easy ways to save money now so you can have your cushioned nest egg in the future.

Reevaluate Your Bank Accounts
It never hurts to talk with your personal bank account representative to see if there are better accounts suited to your needs. You may find out that there are hidden fees that are costing you big in the long run. Some bank accounts also give you perks that you may be missing like cash back on purchases. There are also some accounts out there that offer attractive interest rates when you’re a new customer. Take time to evaluate what you have currently to know if you’re missing out on free accounts and bonus rates.

Make a List and Stick To It
Before you go grocery shopping write down everything you need for this shopping trip. It is too easy to forget items which causes you another trip to the store. Having a list can also help you budget money for the trip and avoid impulse buys. Stick to the list when you go. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t come home on this visit. This will help you to get what you need without multiple trips and help you keep money in your pocket.

Skip the Coffee Shop and Fast Food Locations
With the new coffee machines and all the syrups, flavors, and coffee types out there, you can easily create your favorite coffee shop drink right at home. Instead of spending five dollars on a cup of coffee, make it at home and put that money in your savings account. Bring a brown bag lunch to work with some of your delicious leftovers from the night before. Not only is it cheaper to bring your lunch to the office, it’s also much healthier.

Programmable Thermostats are Your Friend
Consider installing a programmable thermostat to help make your HVAC system run more efficiently. You can program the system to have the proper temperature when you’re home but when you’re away it can regulate it differently. This helps you to save money on not heating and cooling the home when noone is there. These thermostats range in pricing, programming, and are easily found at your local home improvement store.

Think LED
When you’re looking at saving money on your electric bill each month, consider replacing your lights with LED lights that are energy efficient. These little additions to your home can help save big money in the long run. These easy to find bulbs will help you to reduce your energy usage while still keeping your home bright and airy.

All of these tips will help you save money and are quite easy to implement. Saving is not as hard as you think when you have these tips on your side.