Five Strategies for Successful Video Branding

Viral videos, we seem to hear the term so often. While goal of any company’s video branding campaign should never be to go viral, there is something to take away from the phenomenon. According to the latest statistics, video marketing accounts for over 75% of all online traffic for consumers, while homepages with video material will lead to 700% more conversions than those without. If either of those statistics are even half true, you may want to consider the best ways to brand your business with video. Here are five of the top ways to create effective videos that will capture the attention of your market:

  1. The Story – Potential customers are all too used to the sales ads found online. Rather, focus on telling an engaging story that does not repel your visitor. Like with any marketing content, your video content must focus on the value you can provide for a customer. Sleazy video marketing is no better than sleazy written content, and will be rejected even more quickly.

Your story should appeal to the consumers’ emotions and desires. If you are concerned that the viewer may get lost in the story and forget to actually buy your product, simply place a call to action in the form of a URL towards the end.

2 . Short and Sweet – Almost 20% of those who click on your video, will be gone within 10 seconds. So keep it short and sweet. Video experts agree that the single most important thing to remember content wise is concision. Video material provides an edge because it can get across information more quickly, so don’t take your time. Try using humor to get the viewers attention quickly, perhaps with a question.

3. Be charming – It’s simple, don’t make a boring video. If you’re video isn’t charming and engaging it won’t spread let alone convert viewers into customers. People want to laugh and be informed. Let the 10 seconds be a fun escape from reality. Encourage the video production team you hire in San Francisco to be creative. It’s always better to bet on quirky or ridiculous than plain boring. People remember ridiculous, and forget boring.

4.  Optimize – Videos can be an easy way to up your search engine optimization (SEO) game. Firstly, host the video on your own domain if possible, this will help you derive the most SEO value. Another crucial element is embedding. This will increase your chances of being gifted with marketing links. In short, when it comes to SEO and video, your description is key. Descriptions provide Google the information necessary to make sense of your content for purposes of categorization. Tag videos with relevant keywords and explain descriptions uniquely and fully. A quick rule of thumb is to never leave a box empty, as Google will use this to rank you on their search data.

5. Inform – The majority of your audience are visual learners. Capitalize on video content as a means of educating your audience on how they can get the most of your product. Perhaps a webinar could help bring to light important background information on the industry, the history of your business or a mission that makes your product more appealing.

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