Balancing Business & Single Parenting

Business and being a single parent are two things that generally do not mix. There is an art to making sure that you balance the both out, without one or both suffering. In this guide, we are going to show you five ways in which you can balance business and bringing up a child at the same time.


Make Sure You Create a Real Workspace


Psychology plays a big part in whether you are effectively able to run your business and manage your family life at the same time. Create a physical divide between both aspects of your life. A home office will put you in the right mindset to work. Ban your family from this area, unless it is an emergency.


This will also enable you to claim back some home expenses when it comes to your taxes.


Organize Your Business Around Your Child’s Day


Trying to bring up a child could indicate chaos, but when you think about it they do have a schedule. They may go to school, hang out with their friends, and spend time playing video games at reasonably regular times. Examine your child’s schedule and organize your work hours around this.


Sometimes it will not go according to plan, but in most cases, you will find that you can get a few solid hours in.


Be Flexible for Emergencies


As a single parent, you do not have anyone else to rely on. For example, we were living in Calabasas when my kids got lice and I was the only one able to take care of them obviously. The only thing you can do is move your business aside to deal with them because your child must come first.


While you are removing their lice, you need to adjust your schedule to make sure that your business does not suffer. This requires some planning and some long-term working ahead.


Build a Fund for Vacations


Spring break, Christmas, and summer vacation are the three times of year where your work schedule will be heavily restricted. Unless you have the money to employ babysitters or to send them away to summer camps, you are going to have to spend more time dealing with your child.


Reducing your work hours is only an option if you already have a fund built up for vacation time. Concentrate on building up this little nest egg throughout the year.


Disconnect When at Work


Running a business as a single parent often comes with the difficulties of convincing others that you are working. People assume that when you are home you must have nothing better to do. The only way to deal with this is to disconnect when you are at work.
Get a work phone and completely cut yourself off from your personal life when you are in your office.


Conclusion – It Comes with Practice


It might be difficult in the short-term to balance business and bringing up your child as a single parent. But eventually you will get it. What do you think is the biggest difficulty of balancing these two big responsibilities?